The Articles of Association of the Overseas Exhibition states that “the company is responsible for (OMISSION) and promote cultural, tourist, sporting, also to the economic development and the tourist development of the city of Naples”
As a result of time, many sports and disciplines found in open structures and spaces of Overseas Exhibition optimal venue for initiatives for young and old.

In the territory of Overseas Exhibition are tennis courts, an Olympic swimming pool open from May to September, an indoor pool open from September to July for water polo, swimming, water aerobics, etc., a gym for Pilates, fitness, floor exercise, and a track Pump track usable weekly.
Wide boulevards, also, are daily frequented by bike enthusiasts, jogging, walking.
Structures and open spaces are home to many local and national sporting events, scheduled and implemented in collaboration with qualified partners and external experts. Among the sporting events held in the show, which recorded large audiences and specialized press, remember, among other things: Napolibikefestival, Triathlon Overseas, UISP Basketball Tournament, Palextra Project, International Trophy Yellow Ball Waterpolo, Naples Half Marathon, Marathon San Paolo Sport Day, Bimbimbici, holistic disciplines, Water polo Tournament Acquachiara Enzo D’Angelo.