The Fontana dell’Esedra is the most suggestive location of the whole fairground. A place of great artistic and environmental interest, which covers a total area of ​​900 square meters with a length of 350 meters.

It consists of a large rectangular basin with 12 cascade tanks, lying on terraces, lined by 24 circular fountains and an exedra made up of 76 trapezoidal basins, decorated with majolicas. The surrounding hills and its 800 tall trees, including pines and oaks, represent an exceptionally beautiful scenery. The water jets are variable in intensity and height, reaching 42 meters. The audio system consists of 44 speakers , 800 watts each. There are 900 projectors for light shows with many colors combinations, which offer an extremely impressive and definitely unforgettable show. LED technology for lighting and digital technologies for the water system allow extraordinary special effects by one governing location.

Fontana dell’Esedra is also used as a location for film shoots. Its beautiful light, water and music show is carried out either as an attraction of the Park and also as a side event of exhibitions, shows, congresses and fairs, when requested by Organizers.