Donatella-Chiodo-Mostra-Oltremare-smallThese are days that I think of how to describe in a few words and the best Mostra d’Oltremare, so I asked my daughter Alice, a girl of 8 years, because with the children’s eyes are capable of seeing things that adults often do not they can not even imagine and observe.

To the question “What is for you Mostra d’Oltremare?”, She, without hesitation, replied that it is “a magical place, colorful and fragrant flowers, full of vegetation and protected species, where you can play, go to bike, spend days in joy with family, listen to music, but also participate in fairs and see many new things.”

I was sure that Alice would have painted and framed Mostra d’Oltremare at best!

Mostra d’Oltremare is not just a trade fair company..

It is a place where you see children playing magically, sailboats in Esedra Fountain, pavilions are crowded with products and people, musical and theatrical performances, people who meet to discuss development issues in the country.

But not only… Mostra d’Oltremare is:

  • …A monumental park to serve the city;
  • …A subject of economic development of the territory;
  • …An extraordinary monument of the ‘900, equipped with environmental features, unique architectural and artistic;
  • …An exhibition and conference center;
  • …A place of comfort, relaxation, health and nature, an oxygen lung for the city, where you can have multiple sports;
  • …An attractor of investment;
  • …A working space, attractive and with a real prospect of being adapted to international standards.

Mostra d’Oltremare directs every day its activities to a mission “to become, for the Mediterranean basin, key players of responsible system and face including the development of the production system, the supply chains of excellence, the City of Naples, the Campania region and the entire South “.

It is not a simple mission, but ambitious enough to guide the activities of the workers and employees of the Overseas Exhibition which, as always, are committed to the protection and enhancement of a “magic” of the city of Naples.

I thank my daughter Alice for his contribution.



“Tutti i bambini sono degli artisti nati; il difficile sta nel fatto di restarlo da grandi”
(Pablo Picasso)